The Different Types of Broken Teeth

Suffering from a cracked or broken tooth? OUCH! We feel bad for you. That can be very painful. Please get that looked at as soon as possible. For emergency dental care in Elmhurst, IL CALL 630-530-0770. What are the different types of broken teeth? Minor Cracks Cracked Tooth Chipped Tooth Broken Cusp Serious Break Split Tooth … Continued

White Tongue FAQ

Do you have a white tongue and need to learn more about this issue?  In this post, we will answer some of the most common questions about white tongue. White Tongue Frequently Asked Questions What is white tongue? “White tongue” is the common name of when the surface of your tongue appears white or mostly … Continued

What Does Soda Do to Your Teeth?

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that sugary soda is not good for your teeth. It’s not a secret that soda can be bad for your teeth or your overall health. There is a very strong link between soda consumption and tooth decay. It has also been linked to other health problems such as diabetes and … Continued

What Order Do I Brush, Floss, & Use Mouthwash?

Do you brush and floss every day? Do you use mouthwash? Great! Those healthy habits can help protect your smile for years to come. Do you wonder, what is the correct order to use mouthwash, brush your teeth and floss your teeth in? Are you supposed to brush or floss first? Do you use mouthwash … Continued

Welcome to Our Dental Practice!

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