The Different Types of Broken Teeth

Suffering from a cracked or broken tooth? OUCH! We feel bad for you. That can be very painful. Please get that looked at as soon as possible. For emergency dental care in Elmhurst, IL CALL 630-530-0770. What are the different types of broken teeth? Minor Cracks Cracked Tooth Chipped Tooth Broken Cusp Serious Break Split Tooth … Continued

Do TMJ Exercises for Pain Relief Work?

If you are suffering pain from TMJ, whether it’s headaches, jaw pain, or other symptoms, you need relief. You may have heard that TMJ exercises are a solution, that there are exercises that ease the pain. For a lot of people, TMJ exercises are a good place to start. This can be especially true when … Continued

How do I find the right Elmhurst dentist near me?

Dentist Near You Elmhurst Dentist Michael E. Sullivan 386 North York Road, Suite 203 Elmhurst, IL 60126 Get Directions Call 630-530-0770 Choosing the Right Dentist Near Me Personal Comfort Want someone who is caring and understands any anxiety you may have about going to the dentist? Dr. Michael E. Sullivan and his staff will work … Continued